The Great Pendragon Campaign

Sir Tristian's Thoughts Part 1

Thoughts for Year 485 Part 1

The year is 485, and yet it seems just like any other year, Sir Osbert the famed and feared knight known as “The Bear” has yet to improve his boar’ish attitude and demeanor towards me, or anyone really so I guess it’s just not me. On the bright side though, while I may not of scored high, I at least passed Sir Elad’s Grinder, a task to which I know that not even “The Bear” himself has…..

Talks of Saxons and war are spreading like wildfire these days, some tell tales of that squires may be knighted to help improve the Lord’s Army size. I hope this to be true, to test my mettle against Saxons would be far more glorious then sparring with these silly wooden effigies they call training dummies…

By the request of Sir Elad, we occupied him to Sarum when something most interesting occurred, we encountered a local being accosted by brigands. I swiftly flew into the fray and slew the vile thug with one swing of my sword in the Earl’s name, though admittedly on the inside it was no more glorious than dealing with those Effigies again…

Seems some lively entertainment befalls us tonight, Sir Jaradan, the supposedly renowned knight known for his swordsmanship challenged my friend Jayden to a duel. It seems that all the knights bet on sir Jaradan to win but three…. I of course was one of the three, Morah was another, and to my surprise, Sir Elad was the last…. Sir Jaradan may be skilled, but to be famed is to be arrogant, and to be arrogant would lead to his downfall. For it was with one mighty swing that Jayden knocked the arrogant fool on his buttocks in front of the entire court. The Knights that lost to our bets were at a loss for words, though Morah and myself just grinned quietly knowing that this would be the outcome.

Rumors of knighting seemed to be true, but alas, Sir Osbert being the stubborn man did not name me for recommendation…. Only after I stood up to him did he finally relent and with the rest of the squires I became a knight, and now I am one step closer to my goal, to overcome sir Osbert and truly prove I am stronger than he is, in both body and soul…..


Great post. I really enjoyed reading it.

Sir Tristian's Thoughts Part 1

Wonderful! Thank you.

Sir Tristian's Thoughts Part 1

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