The Great Pendragon Campaign

Jayden's Journal 3

Entry 3

Winter of this 487th year of our Lord
Transcribed by Father Oswald

Combat is never easy. Every time the sword comes out of its sheath it sings death. Either for the man opposite of it or for the one who holds it. Fighting a single man can be a death sentence to other lesser men. Fighting to men at once would certainly be as if facing the Reaper himself. But fighting three men at once, who would have the stalwart heart and strength of arms to do such a thing. The answer to that question is myself, Sir Jayden. While out on a search on behalf of King Uther my party of fellow knights and myself were ambushed by dirty Saxon pagans. With great surprise they rushed from the cover of the tree line and attacked us.

Sadly Sir Morah was knocked unconscious by the Saxon warriors the beset him and Sir Tristian took great injury to his leg, yet still managed to dispatch his enemies. I on the other hand made quick work of the two Saxon warriors who were unlucky enough to meet me on the field of battle.

Seeing Sir Morah carried off into the woods by the enemy I had to make a snap decision to rescue him from their dirty hands and leave Sir Tristian to our squires. I rode my way to the enemy on horseback, but the forest was thick with trees. Because of this I was forced off my horse. With my horse no longer holding me back I was able to make good time on foot and caught up to the Saxon, it was then that I saw my predicament. There were three of them. I could not leave Sir Morah in their clutches, so I steeled my heart and joined battle with them.

With a quick yet strong slash downwards of my sword I was able to snap the battle axe of one of the Saxon warriors while also giving me a mortal wound, and as he laid on the ground I countered the attack from his partner killing him out right but a stab through the heart. The third Saxon upon seeing his fellows dispatched so quickly decided that he should join them in hell. He rushed me, screaming in his guttural language. Again I made quick work of my enemy, leaving him on the ground, quite. With the enemy dispatched I threw Sir Morah over my shoulder and made my way to where Sir Tristian and our Squires were. Afterwards we rode back to the City.

It was an exhilarating experience saving my friend from mortal peril.



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