Lady Indeg

Wife of Sir Morah and father to his children


Glory 2,840; 23 Glory per year
APP 12
Lady Indeg is 45-year-old woman has been widowed twice and so can choose her own husband this time. But she is lonely and would like a knight to keep her company. The family of her second husband obtained a ruling that kept her from gaining her widow’s share of land.
Servitum Debitum
Two household knights
Four guardsmen
Two garrison guardsmen
Holdings £23.6
Annas Manor (£6 Annaswater H.)
Straightford Manor (£11 Barehill H.)
Shearingfield Hamlet (£3.6, Thorngate H.)
Stafftown Hamlet (£3, Wheelwell H.)
Widow’s Holdings (Gift): (£2, H.)


Lady Indeg

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