The Great Pendragon Campaign

The Story of Sir Morah Chapter 3

Sir Morah and his friends were once again summoned to court to attend the king. There was much feasting to be had and the presentation of Excalibur was to be done. Sir Morah, however missed much of the activities because he was occupied with other endeavors. The morning after the feast the knights were given a choice to fight with the prince on raiding missions or go with the king and serve under him. They chose to go with the king and help rally support for him with the other kings.

They were sent on a mission to the north to a far ruling king to ask his attendance on behalf of King Uther. They set of to find him missing from the town and fighting off Saxons. They chose to go looking for him but found more trouble than the knights had bargained for. They were ambushed in the woods when they were following the trail of the army and Sir Morah was knocked out after slaying a man with one blow. When he came to they were back in town getting medical treatment for the others hadn’t faired that well in the fight either for only Sir Jayden remained capable to fight.

When the king returned they were quickly dismissed for he had no interest in seeing King Uther.



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