The Great Pendragon Campaign

Sir Tristian's Thoughts Part 3

Thoughts for Year 487

This year appears to be a fantastic year, my land bolds well, bearing great harvests and the weather appears as fine as the most elegant silks. We are yet again summoned to Sarum at the best of our lord, Earl Roderick, however this year an important guest appears before us, The Pendragon, King Uther himself! A great feast is held and our adventure for the great Merlin is told to the entire court, and Merlin himself appears and hands over the sword from the lake to the king, a sword named Excalibur apparently.

This year we had a choice for what our duty would be, some favour the King had asked our Lord to bestow upon us, to either accompany the King and Lord Roderick to the north, or go raiding with the Prince and lay waste to the Saxon navy. Though I personally would of preferred nothing more then to wet my blade with blood against the Saxons, my duty was clear, to protect my Lord and his Majesty, King Uther.

We rode north and more feasts were held, King Uther showed off Excalibur to the Lords of the north while we tasked with traveling to Eburacum, on behalf of King Uther to invite the king to visit Uther in Lindsey. We arrived though to learn that he was away fighting the Saxons, as such we decided to journey to him instead of waiting for him in the city. However we were ambushed by the Saxon scum from the woods, and while I easily dispatched the Saxon filth in front of me, one struck my leg with a mighty blow, such luck the Saxon had, but short lived as he fell to my sword.

Despite my Injury, everything still went well, I made progress with the beautiful Lady Elaine, we talked, we danced and I even presented her a lovely brooch, fitted with a diamond that reflects the beauty of her eyes. However this is just the beginning of what I have planned for the one who I hold in my heart…..



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