Lady Adwen

A Lady of the Court at Sarum


Glory 740; 43 Glory per year
APP 18
The young, underage daughter of Sir Bles, who was killed in battle, has inherited a considerable holding. She is heir to one manor of her own, plus three occupied by knights in vassalage to her.
Servitum Debitum
Four knights, three of them vavasours
Four Spearmen
Four Crossbowmen
Four garrison crossbowmen
Holdings £43.8
Aldertree Manor (£10.6, Alder H.)
Swallowcliff Manor (£11.1, Hillfort H., held by Sir James)
Sedgehill Manor (£8, Hillfort H., held by Sir Dylan)
Broadgrove Manor (£14.1, Wheelwell H., held by Sir Baldwin)


Lady Adwen

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